Gantry Loader GL-200

Gantry Loader GL-200 is used for automatic loading of flange type parts in working space of CNC lathes and machine tools through opened entry door or an opening in it.
It consists of two basic units – the loader and the magazine.

The Loader

The loader is used for transport of parts between the magazine and CNC lathe. The loader consists of the following main parts:

  • Gantry
  • Carriage
  • Head
  • Gantry Cover
  • Yaskawa MP3300 Control
  • Power Unit

The Magazine

The magazine is used for storage of parts (blanks and workpieces). It is fastened to the main stanchion of the loader. It consists of the following main parts:

  • Magazine base
  • Side covers
  • Front door
  • Rear door
  • Upper cover
  • Cover coupling

Standard loader GL 200 is mainly intended for flanged blanks, which can safely be stacked. It can however be applied on almost any product. Our sales and development team will prepare an optimal "turnkey" offer for your application to maximally improve your manufacturing process.

The loader attendance and programming is very simple. Preferred method of programming is manual run to required positions and their subsequent saving in the memory. Thanks to it you will never need a specially trained programmer. After a short training, performed by our technicians within putting the loader into operation, your operators will be fully able to operate and program the loader.

The loader is connected to a machine or manufacturing line through free M-code or Robot interface.

Machine/manufacturing line – loader interface is included in the loader supply.

Standard products are manually inserted in the pallet magazine, in the pin guide of the pallet, and the pin dimensions are adjusted depending on the product diameter. Standard magazine can hold up to 13 pallets. On the basis of your specification we can equip the loader with other method of workpiece loading and unloading.

Pallets are exchanged (moved) in the magazine automatically. After unloading, the empty pallet is moved away and replaced by the full one.

Operation characteristic

Maximum workpiece weight 5 kg
Maximum workpiece diameter 200 mm
Maximum workpiece length 100 mm
Maximum workpiece stack height 300 mm
Maximum workpiece stack weight 25 kg
Time of part reload from the position before the entry into the working space* 12 s
Min. recommended cycle time of the operated CNC lathe 40 s
* without chuck opening and closing time