CNC Lathe Barfeeder

Following types for bars of length 200mm till 1500mm:

Type SS2220 for bars from Ø 6mm to 67mm
Type SS2410 for bars from Ø 6mm to 105mm
Type SS2500 for bars from Ø 6mm to 80mm
Type SS2500 SHORT for bars from Ø 6mm to 80mm

Why to buy SPACESAVER?

The barfeeders SPACESAVER have been in the market for more than 13 years.
Our more than 4500 barfeeders load bars in the lathes of our customers all over the world. We have developed a new „2016“ model on the basis of needs and comments of the users and long experience of our engineers.
We have materialized our knowledge in a very useful and timeless barfeeder, which is equipped with modern components of top quality.
It is rewarding to buy SPACESAVER; you will get the edge your competitors…

Substantial improvements against the preceding models:

YASKAWA Servo Driver, YASKAWA 2 Machine Controller, ProFace touch display, Teleservis (remote diagnostics via Internet), USB interface for data backup + other innovations.
3-years warranty included in the basic price... 1

Easy control:

All processes are easily controlled only by the touch LCD screen. Graphic symbols facilitate intuitive setting of your commands.
You will appreciate friendly operation...
The barfeeder is set automatically according to your instructions on the touch display in few seconds.
You need not adjust anything mechanically during change of job/bar...
In the event of a nonstandard situation during the barfeeder run an error message appears on the display.
The operator knows immediately where the error has occured, and can remove it quickly
You will be able to perform troubleshooting quickly…
You can save up to 200 jobs in permanent memory (e.g. according to drawing number), or to backthem up USB Flash Disk for later use.
You will simplify and speed up processes in repetitive production…

Proven mechanical design:

Most of spindle inserts can be inserted directly from the working space of the barfeeder.
You need not shift the barfeeder off the lathe…
Sufficiently robust mechanical design and elegant design of moving parts ensure smooth and quieter run.
You will appreciate low noise level of the barfeeder at your workplace…

100% electric power supply:

Thanks to servocontrol and drive of the Japanese manufacturer YASKAWA 2 the barfeeder is supplied only electrically.
Your troubles with compressed air will go away…
Quicker work compared with pneumatic barfeeders.
You will accelerate the working cycle...
You can feed the bar to a position, to the stopper in the tool head, or use the second spindle in the lathe.
You will increase productivity and save your money…

1 - This is valid for installation carried out by an authorized technician.
2 - The most frequently used servodrive manufacturer in the industrial market.