Control Technology

CNC Technology, spol. s ro concentrates on the development of customer solutions for machinery. We provide the customer with an integrated solution that includes mechanical design and control such as Motion control and PLC.

We prefer solutions based on Yaskawa and Omron hardware using modern MP3000, NX1 series mechatronic control systems and Sigma 7 series and 1S series servo drives.

High program processing speed and network communication are the basic conditions for maximum performance of complex machines.

The high-performance CPU used in the MP3000 and NX1 series control systems reduces the time required to execute commands.

The use of the high-speed MECHATROLINK and EtherCAT bus (transfer rate currently 100Mb/s) used in these control systems, together with the Sigma 7 and 1S servo drives, allows for high position accuracy and synchronization in multi-axis systems.

In addition to the MECHATROLINK bus and EtherCAT, there are a number of other ways to enter the servo drive command, including an interface using analog command entry or position command by a series of pulses.

As a partner organization of Yaskawa Europe after sales service, we offer warranty and post-warranty service for Yaskawa modules.

For touch control panel solutions, we prefer ProFace, Schneider, Omron or Weintek hardware.