CNC Lathe Barfeeder Spacesaver - Retrofit

We have been manufacturing bar feeders for the industry for 27 years. Back in 1996, our intention was to invent, design, and supply to the industry a simple assistant capable of providing reliable service to the user for many years to come. We are now finding normally operating our first pneumatic devices or electrical ones made since 2000 in many facilities. Based on this experience we are glad to observe that our goal was largely reached.

24 years is a relatively long period. Many electrical and electronic components are not produced anymore. This applies mostly to PLC controller made previously by B&R and Pro-Face. Should a situation occur that during a breakdown we do not have the units in stock we are ready to help you by replacing the entire electronic equipment including the controller. By replacement, we in fact offer an update of the bar feeder were simply said the iron stays and all the rest is new. All the electrical equipment is removed from the machine. Parts currently in use on new units are installed. Damaged mechanical parts get replaced. Such a repair/retrofit is more costly. However, the machine returning back to you is a practically new unit without new paint. For the retrofit job to be successful the machine needs to be shipped back to our facility in Plana. The retrofit process takes 4-6 working days. After shipping the machine back it gets installed/reinstalled by our service technician. There is a possibility that the machine will be exchanged for an already refurbished one. In this case, delivery is reduced to only administrative tasks and can be practically immediate.